About Us


Rent It Right is known for an unparalleled commitment to taking the stress out of tedious paper work that comes with a rental property. We work with tenants, owners, and agents to ensure entry, exit and ongoing inspection reports for the property are carried out to be thorough and correct, minimising financial risk to all parties.
FOR TENANTS: Upon receiving the keys to your new home, we carry out the task of completing your entry report with close attention to detail. We will document any faults, blemishes or conditions with the property to ensure the best chances to receive your bond back at the end of your lease. We are incredibly thorough and leave nothing unturned to provide a standard of excellence. 
FOR OWNERS/AGENTS: Much like the work we do for tenants, we can carry out inspections for your properties to ensure it has been left in a clean, working, satisfactory condition upon exit or during an ongoing lease. 



We service the greater Brisbane area as far north as North Lakes and as far south as Eaglby.